Russland Wappen mit Wunschgravur
Russland Wappen mit Wunschgravur
Russland Wappen mit Wunschgravur
Russland Wappen mit Wunschgravur

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colour: rose gold
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Carry your homeland Russia always with you.

Your country fills you with pride and you would like to show that to others? Your new country chain Russia shows the world what belongs to you and where you come from. Our country chain "The Coat of Arms of Russia" is of high quality and lets you shine in new splendor. Show the world the origin of your roots and find like-minded people.

Even if you can't be in your home country right now, our country chain "The double-headed eagle of Russia" gives you the opportunity to always carry your origins close to your heart.

Each of us is unique. That's why we give you the opportunity to design your chain of countries exactly as you wish.

Now make your new country chain something very special. You design your desired name and we will create your new favorite necklace for you exactly according to your ideas.


Love, faith and hope. What more do we need in life?

Precisely these three values ​​are embodied in our chain of countries “The double-headed eagle of Russia”.

The scepter and orb represent protection and sovereignty.

This chain of countries not only has a great message, but is a feast for the eyes of everyone.

To the story:

The state coat of arms of Russia depicts a golden double-headed eagle with three crowns, which has been adopted as the coat of arms of the Russian Federation since 1993. The story behind the Russian coat of arms has its origins in the Empire.

After the fall of Tatar rule, the double-headed eagle was recognized in the days of the Byzantine Emperor. The marriage of Ivan III. and Zoe (the niece of the last Byzantine emperor) sealed the new coat of arms of Russia.

The three crowns used to symbolize the annexation of Kazan and Astrakhan to the 16th century empire.

Not the right one for you? Create your own chain and let your creativity run wild.

-> Individual country chain

-> Country love 2 countries combined

->Country chain of desired country & desired city

• Material: 925 silver
• Finish: Highly Polished
• Colors: silver, 18k gold plated or rose gold
• Handmade in Germany

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